Why It’s Sometimes Okay to Not Write Every Day…Or Even Every Week

Tell me how relatable this is–you hate writing, but you love having written.

There’s probably no greater feeling as a writer than hitting your word count goal and getting that writer’s guilt off of your shoulders.

I write in my spare time and even started this very blog about…writing…so you would think that it’s gotten easier for me over time, right?


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How To Use Your Social Media Addiction To Your Advantage and Be Productive

It’s no secret that just about everybody my age is addicted to their phones for everything other than, ya know…making phone calls. It’s also no secret that as writers, we’re hyper-prone to distraction and procrastination.

Never before have I ever needed to do my house chores so urgently as when I’m supposed to be writing. In fact, there are times that I’ll open up Scrivener and then immediately need a break.

A break…in my car…going to get an iced coffee…two towns over…

So, anyway, it turns out that there’s a feature in the Settings app of all iPhones that will tell you how much battery percentage you spend per app while you’re using your device. When I first heard of such an atrocity, I was slightly alarmed, but also slightly intrigued.

There has to be a reason why Apple felt the need to make that information available, but whatever that reason may be, I have a feeling that the way in which I’m going to suggest using it to your advantage is not the way in which they’d intended.

When I was finished clutching my pearls, I came up with the idea for this post. Android users–this works for you, too, I just don’t know how your phones work.

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How I Got 50 Agent Requests During #DVPit

This past April, I was in the middle of work when I got The Request from my dream agent, the incredibly talented and handsome Paul Rudd lookalike, Brooks Sherman.

I’d been praying for his request all day, and Love, Simon was still fresh on my mind from just weeks earlier. By that point, plenty of big name agents had already requested my work, but it was his that sent me collapsing onto the floor from shock and melodrama.

Brooks represents the likes of Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli, among many other incredible writers.

Now, how did I turn my Twitter pitch into one that was a success story?

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Welcome to Tea For Writers!

Welcome to Tea for Writers, a blog I’m starting to chronicle my path from professional poor person aspiring author to, hopefully someday, a career author.

There are a plethora of writing-related blogs out there, but very often I find that most of them are written by authors who have already been published, or whom are already represented by an agent.

While those blogs are goldmines of information from those who have already succeeded, in my opinion, one of the most fascinating blogs that I’ve ever come across is a now-deleted blog written by the lovely Veronica Roth. Before it was taken down, the blog chronicled her rise from college graduate, to bestselling novelist. Not having that blog to peruse any longer is somewhat disheartening, and I hope to recreate that magic, here, in some way, with my very own journey.

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